Privacy Policy

We, at Weizmann City Hotels Ltd., operating among others the Vital Hotel (hereinafter: the “Hotel”) on 14 Weizmann Street, Tel Aviv, deeply value and prioritize the privacy and information security of our customers, especially users of our hotel website. 

We undertake to comply with the policies set out below.  Our aim through this policy is to elucidate our stance on your privacy and how we handle personal data (as stipulated by law, including identifiers like your full name, address, phone number, hereinafter: “Personal Data”) shared with us or gathered during your interactions and stays with us.

This Privacy Policy complements the general terms you agree to when booking and/or staying at the hotel. It enriches them without diminishing their essence and is an essential part of the agreement.

Whenever this policy references “you” or “your”, it’s referring to all users of our hotel services and the relevant personal data.
The policy is gender-neutral, regardless of the gendered language used.

Who are we? How to reach us?

he Vital Hotel, operating under Vital Hotels Ltd. at 14 Weizmann St. Tel Aviv, owns and manages this website and the systems that may be storing your details. For queries or concerns about your Personal Data, especially if you suspect any compromise in privacy during site usage, please reach out via email at [email protected] or post at 14 Weizmann Street, Tel Aviv.

Information We Gather and Retain:

We collect and store information about you when we provide you with various services upon your request, as part of our standard hotel management operations. Among other instances, we gather and save the details you provide when browsing our websites, during the booking process, when you check in, throughout your stay at the hotel and upon checking out and making payment. Additionally, we collect information in various ways such as when you call our call center, make a purchase on our website, visit our hotel either as a guest or just a visitor, or through interactions with travel agents, consumer clubs, survey companies, and other service providers we collaborate with. This collection can occur directly or indirectly, via third-party systems, our business partners, or other entities associated with the hotel. This information can be obtained either directly or indirectly through third-party systems, business partners, and other related parties connected to the hotel.

Though not mandated by law to share this information, not doing so might inhibit our capacity to offer the desired services. For instance, you can’t make a hotel reservation without providing the necessary personal details during the booking process.

In relation to this, we might collect data such as:

your full name, contact details, citizenship, vehicle number, ID/passport/driver’s license information, credit card details, financial records related to your purchases at the hotel, booking and stay history, details about your family, including children, info about those accompanying you, special requests, activities and treatments you’ve purchased, food sensitivities, medical information you’ve willingly shared, and any other information you’ve conveyed during your stay, directly or indirectly.

Moreover, public spaces within the hotel and its facilities are monitored by CCTV to ensure the safety of both guests and staff. These recordings are stored for no more than 30 days, in line with applicable laws.

Furthermore, when you connect to the hotel’s Wi-Fi or our website, our systems (including third-party systems operated on behalf of the hotel) might gather data about your login details, the device you’re using, IP address, and more. This data helps enhance our service quality and website functionality.

Use of Cookies

Our websites deploy “cookies” and other similar technologies to ensure smooth operations and to improve the services we offer. Cookies are tiny files embedded in a browser or device of someone browsing the site. They are used by the site and its operating systems to recognize users and gather data about their browsing habits.

Some of the cookies we use are essential for the site to function properly and securely. Without these cookies enabled in your browser, the site will not work properly at all. Another set of cookies we use are meant to gather statistic and other types of data about your use of the website. We utilize this data to enhance the site, remember your login information, tailor it to your preferences, and more. Additionally, we use cookies that share information with third-party systems for both analytics and to understand your personal browsing preferences and to tailor ads for you on our site. We employ some of this information and these systems to personalize the advertisements we present on our site and on other social networks to better match your needs and ours.

If you prefer not to receive cookies while browsing our site, you can adjust your browser settings to block them. You can also clear your browser history at any time, which allows you to remove any stored cookies. However, it’s important to understand that doing so might degrade your experience on the site.

Moreover, it’s essential to understand that when you’re using and browsing the site, advertisements and marketing offers will be displayed among other content. These aren’t directly implemented by us, but rather by third parties whom we’ve granted permission to advertise on our platform. These third parties might utilize cookies that aren’t directly associated with our website, and their usage is governed by the privacy terms of those third parties.

Use of Your Information

We leverage your personal information to connect with you regarding services, coordinate your hotel stay and/or address updates to your reservation, and inform you about any alterations to your stored data and/or our privacy policy. Furthermore, our priority is to enhance the service for you and your family during your stays, promptly address your queries, and ensure the safety of guests and staff. We’re committed to legal compliance, which includes relaying necessary information to relevant authorities. Our overarching goal is to enrich your hotel experience while ensuring safety and organization.

Additionally, your information aids your use of our site, especially when returning to registered sections. By analyzing your data alongside that of other customers, we aim to refine our service and streamline hotel operations, always with a keen focus on your privacy. We’re proactive in minimizing unnecessary data usage whenever possible.

We might also use the contact details you share to present you with relevant marketing materials, promotional updates, and events tailored to your preferences. We emphasize that this is always within the legal framework and with due consideration for obtaining your consent when necessary. If at any point you’d prefer not to receive these promotions, simply reach out, and we’ll remove you from our contact lists.

Our grounds for data collection and processing encompass several legal bases (both Israeli and foreign), be it mutual contracts, service provision upon your request, protection of our legitimate business interests, legal mandates, or your explicit consent.

The data you provide is securely stored in our systems for a duration that aligns with both our operational needs and legal stipulations. This duration shall be determined to ensure better service during your future stays, allow us to share relevant offers, fulfill our legal duties, and provides a foundation should any future legal matters arise.

Security and Retention of Your Information

We are committed to safeguarding your data. We employ state-of-the-art security protocols to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of the information in our care. Nonetheless, like any system, we cannot guarantee absolute security, so it’s important to note that no system is entirely immune from potential breaches.

In cases where we transfer data to third parties for business reasons, we ensure they adhere to stringent security standards. Moreover, when using our site, you agree to the potential retention and transfer of your data outside of Israel.

Providing Information to a Third Party

We might share your Personal Dada with third parties to facilitate services, such as hotel reservations. In certain situations, like when obligated by law or based on our business interests and legally permitted, this sharing becomes necessary.

Our operations sometimes involve external systems and/or service providers.

In all such engagements, we prioritize collaborating with partners known for their high-security standards. Only essential data is shared, and we obtain all necessary confidentiality commitments in line with legal requirements, subject to the provision of guarantees and commitments as we legally required.

Information Access, Correction and Removal

Under the Privacy Protection Law, 1981, everyone has the right to access information relevant to them, held in a database, including you, of course. Should you find discrepancies or feel that our records about you are outdated, incomplete, or unclear, please reach out for corrections or removals. Furthermore, if the information pertains exclusively to direct mailing services (as legally defined), you can ask us to remove your contact details from our list. In doing so, we’ll cease sending commercial offers, though other details may remain in our systems and databases, consistent with legal requirements.  Such requests shall be forwarded to the email provided at the start of this policy.

We’ll attend to your concerns promptly. If, for any reason, we decline your request, you have every right to approach the Magistrate Court per legal protocols to have us adhere to your wishes.

It should be noted that for European Union residents, you might have additional rights under EU regulations. If this applies to you, don’t hesitate to get in touch for further clarification.

Updating and Changing the Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to periodically update and change this Privacy Policy. If changes with substantial implications on the handling of your personal data are enacted, rest assured that we’ll notify you via our website. By navigating our website, choosing to stay at our hotel, or availing of our services, you signal your acceptance of this Privacy Policy and any consequent alterations.

Updated as of October 1, 2023