Accessibility STATEMENT

According to data published by the World Health Organization, about 15% of the world’s general population lives with some form of disability. In Israel, according to the Israel Internet Association, 20-25% of the Israeli population encounters a problem with accessibility, in general, and, specifically, they encounter a problem with the accessibility of websites.

In order to provide an easier and more comfortable web browsing experience for people with special needs, (including but not limited to physical disabilities, sensory or cognitive disabilities) the pages on this site meet the requirements for the internet accessibility guidelines of the W3C (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines), the Israeli guideline (IS5568), level AA.

All pages on this site are written in proper code DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional
Writing in proper code guarantees that any means used by people with disabilities to browse the web will function properly (for instance, screen reading method used by the blind).

Optimal Display of the Website

  • The website supports viewing at a minimal resolution of 768X1024
  • The recommended browsers for viewing the website are, as follows: Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. In addition, it is recommended to view the mobile website using Android and iOS.

How to Change the Display on a Website

  • The font size on the webpage can be changed using the inner browser tools to increase and decrease the size of the font located on the upper menu.
  • The website colors can be changed by choosing one of the browser compatibility tools. The options include a choice between default contrast, light contrast and dark contrast.
  • If you want to change other components of the font size and colors in the website, you can do so using the browser and/or the operating. You may follow the guidelines for changing colors and font on the browser.
  • These changes will affect all websites that you will browse on your browser. Some websites may not respond to these changes because they are not accessible.
    How to activate the webpage using the keyboard.

You can navigate between different links on a page by pressing the TAB key repeatedly. By pressing ENTER, you will activate the link. Notice, pressing the TAB key will navigate you to the next link, and pressing SHIFT+TAB will return you to the previous link.

Other Accessibility Elements in the Website (Erase or add bullet points if relevant).

  • The texts that appear on the webpage are worded clearly and simplified to facilitate its readers.
  • The text include titles allowing a more comfortable and effective browsing experience for blind people using screen reader technologies.
  • The webpage includes videos with subtitles
  • Descriptive text is written for every picture and every button on the website allowing for screen readers to read the text out loud.
  • The links on the website must have significant names; when hovering over the links, they must appear colored, bold and underlined.

The website was approved accessible for people with disabilities according to the global guidelines for accessibility: Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2 ,Level AA. The examination of the site was executed by Harel Chayat of Inbar Accessibility.

Contact Person
For any questions/concerns with regards to accessibility for people with disabilities, please contact:
Orly Friedman 03-7770000 [email protected]