Vital hotel is located

in the heart of tel aviv

The Vital Hotel invites you to enjoy a pampering hospitality experience in the cultural center of Tel Aviv, with a winning combination of business and pleasure.
Hotel Vital is in a winning location in the heart of Tel Aviv, close to Israel’s entertainment and cultural centers.
In the hotel there is an elegantly designed business lounge on the 12th floor overlooking the urban landscape of Tel Aviv where hot drinks from the global brand NESPRESSO are served, Cold drinks and snacks from 12:00-22:00. Corner of newspapers, magazines and books.
In the complex of treatment rooms, you can enjoy a selection of treatments, provided by a team of professional and experienced therapists.
The dining room is located on the 12th floor, where an elegant, boutique and high-quality breakfast is served under the kosher supervision of the Tel Aviv rabbinate.




Rooms & Suites

Vital Business Boutique Hotel in Tel Aviv offers luxurious accommodations with meticulous attention to detail. Our opulent rooms and suites cater to both daily trips and extended vacations, with unique design features and tailored comfort. Each room is delicately designed to provide a classic and elegant atmosphere with modern urban touches. You’ll enjoy a double bed, equipped bathroom, Nespresso machine, mini-bar, seating area, coffee table, laundry services, and Wi-Fi. 


A rich Israeli breakfast is served on the 12th floor of the hotel, facing the views of the city and the Mediterranean Sea. The breakfast includes a variety of bread, pastries, dips, cheeses, eggs, fresh vegetables, a selection of salads, fresh morning juices, and hot drinks.

Our business lounge is open every day from noon, offering coffee, hot and cold drinks and other refreshing snacks. You can use our workstations with wireless internet access. 

Special Offers


Guests of Vital hotel are invited to enjoy free access to the “Holmes Place” fitness club within the hotel complex. “Holmes Place” is revered as one of the best fitness clubs in Tel Aviv, spanning an area of 2000 square meters with everything needed for an enjoyable and efficient physical training experience, including weights, aerobics, spinning, and Pilates. Personal training may be arranged in advance for interested guests.


The business lounge of the Vital Hotel, which is located on the 12th floor and overlooking the spectacular views of the city of Tel Aviv and the horizon of the Mediterranean Sea, offers its guests free entry every day between 12:00 and 22:00, at these hours guests are offered a hot drink from a fancy Nespresso machine offering espresso, lungo, cappuccino, americano, latte.
Also, a wide variety of tea infusions in different flavors and cold water.
Light refreshments such as dried fruits, cookies, cashews, peanuts and more.
Entrance to the lounge is from the age of 18 only.


Daria Spa, situated at the heart of the hotel, offers an ideal space for guests to unwind and rejuvenate. Our expert team specializes in a wide range of relaxation treatments, including Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, body peeling, hot stone massage, and more. In order to pre-book your treatment kindly contact us at 054-2654444.


Vital hotel allows you to experience the beauty of Tel Aviv, located in the heart of the city, our hotel offers access to cultural complexes during the day and night, vibrant entertainment attractions, and a superior culinary experience. You will find yourself surrounded by the opera complex of Tel Aviv, the Cameri Theater, the Sarona compound, and several top restaurants and bars in close proximity to our hotel.


Enjoy our beautiful Business lounge with an amazing sea view ⛵️ #vitalhotel #citycenter
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UP to 30% Discount

– Entry to the Business Lounge (18+)

Free dinner promotion for each night ( from 3rd day)

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