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Vital hotel allows you to experience the beauty of Tel Aviv, located in the heart of the city, our hotel offers access to cultural complexes during the day and night, vibrant entertainment attractions, and a superior culinary experience. You will find yourself surrounded by the opera complex of Tel Aviv, the Cameri Theater, the Sarona compound, and several top restaurants and bars in close proximity to our hotel.

Kikar Hamedina

“Kikar Hamedina” is the largest plaza in Tel Aviv and the most luxurious shopping area in Israel.
What makes this square magnificent is the array of international designer stores and major representations of high-end brands from Europe and America such as Gucci, Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana and more.

Rabin Square

This piazza is the main large public city square in the center of Tel Aviv and one of the city’s most famous locations. Over the years it has become a site for numerous political rallies and parades. following the assassination of Prime Minister Iitzhak Rabin, which happened there in 1995, the square was renamed after him. The square is a lovely open space with a peaceful ecological pool and a unique sculpture, the perfect place to sit down and chill in front of the Tel Aviv municipality building. At night time you can enjoy the vibrant bars, restaurants, and coffee shops around the square.

tel aviv museum of art

There is no doubt that a visit to Tel Aviv is not complete without a visit to this impressive museum, located just a short distance from the Vital Hotel. The museum is dedicated to collecting, preserving, and displaying modern and contemporary art from Israel and around the world. Visitors can enjoy a rich cultural experience through exploring exhibitions presenting the works of local and international artists. In addition to the permanent exhibitions and rotating displays, the museum offers unique activities for a fun and educational family experience such as art workshops, gallery tours for parents and children, and shows for kids. On the ground floor of the museum is the Pastel Chef restaurant, which boasts a sophisticated and innovative menu that ranges from classics to the personal interpretation of Chef Kobi Barkai.

District Court

The structure is situated between Weizman Street in the east and Tel Aviv Museum of Art square in the west; and between King Saul Boulevard in the south and Berkovich Street in the north. Beyond Berkovich Street stands the Museum Tower and the Hall of Justice is connected to it via a pedestrian bridge. The building was designed by architects Ze’ev Rechter, Moshe Zarhin, and Ya’akov Rechter in 1959-1960.

Weizmann City Mall

This mall, which is connected to Vital Hotel, (we are on top of the mall) has a magnificent glass ceiling and a huge indoor shopping area, fast food counters, cafes, and food stands.
It hosts a fabulous ice cream parlor, a hairdressing salon, a large supermarket, a Gymboree, a fitness center and a convenience store.

MidTown Tel Aviv

The MidTown complex is located in the heart of Tel Aviv, just a fifteen-minute walk from the hotel. Midtown offers a variety of activities and lively restaurants within the complex, such as the Zappa Club, which hosts daily live performances, a climbing wall, and various other attractions.

Expo Tel Aviv

This international business convention center is a magnet for conferences, events exhibitions, lectures, and courses. The fairground complex is located a few minutes drive away from Vital Hotel and hosts Israel’s most exciting events.
The fairground has ten halls and pavilions and a large outdoor space including an amusement park known as Luna Park.

Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center

The Arts Center is located in the heart of a magnificent cultural complex in the center of Tel Aviv. The center houses, side by side, two of Israel’s leading cultural institutions: the Israeli Opera and the Cameri Theater. The structure of the Arts Center is considered one of the most beautiful and interesting architecturally in the country. The incredible exterior design of the Arts Center was the work of the late architect Jacob Rechter. Ron Arad, one of the world’s top interior designers, transformed the interior space of the Arts Center into an experience that combines the play of lights and colors.

IDF Soldiers House

The Tel Aviv IDF House offers a variety of performances, lectures, shows, and other cultural events. The IDF House includes halls of various sizes as well as study rooms and is intended for events, conferences, and courses for military units and the security system.

kikar habima & the tel aviv Culture Center

The Orchestra Square, where the “Habima” Theater and the Tel Aviv Culture Center are located, offers a diverse range of cultural events. Cafes, restaurants, bars, and lively entertainment venues are situated around the square.

Tel aviv beach

With the accessible public transportation around us, it is possible to reach the beach within about seven minutes and enjoy the enchanting shores of the city. Additionally, one can relish the Mediterranean cuisine and the vibrant and lively promenade.

Jaffa - an ancient port city

By a 12-minute ride on the light rail (the red line, Station Sha’ul Hamelech-Elipelet), visitors can easily reach the distinct attractions of Jaffa City, such as the Clock Square, the Flea Market, Jaffa Port, and the Old City.